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#GetOnTheBusChatt is my  concept of bringing the art of photography to the children of Chattanooga and surrounding areas FREE of charge. It will involve the purchase of a small passenger bus, converting it into a mobile photography studio and offering summer photography classes to children in the area.

 Here’s a bit of my story: Pre Covid I had to pleasure of photographing some of Chattanooga’s most beautiful mothers in my studio located in Chattanooga TN's Brainerd area. They would often bring their children to the sessions giving me the opportunity to teach the kids tidbits of the ins and outs of photographing people. In December of 2019 I decided to dig deeper into my passion by making plans to teach them more and  to offer the classes for the summer of 2020.  

 Unfortunately, Covid struck in March, I had to close my physical doors in May and social distancing made it impossible to move forward with my original timeline. Still wanting to make this dream a reality I decided that instead of reopening another brick and mortar photography studio, I would buy a bus and hit the road! This would not only allow me to reduce my overhead but also give me a means to reach those that are interested but do not have a way to get to me.   

Your donation will allow me to bring something different to the City of Chattanooga in the form of the art of photography. The funds will be used to purchase the bus, remodel the bus into a fully functioning photography studio and purchase the needed equipment for the classes I will teach (cameras, workbooks, etc.).

To donate either head over to GoFundMe and search "Get On The Bus Chatt" to find my crowdfunding page or "Contact me" button at the top of the page and I will email you the direct GoFundMe Link. I also accept Cashapp donations to $VikPayne , please put "Donation" in the "for" column.

Thank you in advance

-Viktoria #GetOnTheBusChatt

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